On December 1st, I woke to frost on my car. The first frost. The first of December.

All season, I’ve been bemoaning the loss of Summer, of its warm nights and hot days, the possibility of motorcycle rides through dark and intimate streets while clinging to a leather-clad back and feeling absolutely safe. Now that the first frost has arrived, burning through the all-too-brief Fall, I still wish for Summer. Maybe I’ll move further South.

Have a wonderful holiday season. Share love and be love.


Hot Shorts

“Fast” Part III


The faint outline of her body, drawn in mist and steam, lingered on the hood of the Mustang. Jette leaned back against the car and tilted her head at the horizon.

The colors of the setting sun had lost their appeal. Instead, a vision of Luna, soft and full, burned brightly in her mind’s eye like the afterimage of a too-bright flame.


Jette was dropping off one of her latest thrills when she spotted Luna, full hipped and gorgeous in a pale dress. In the midst of the hectic early Saturday evening foot and street traffic, she strolled, swinging her ass and the tiny nothing of a bag that seemed attached to her fingers by air alone.

No one shoved her, no one pushed against her. She floated. Jette quickly parked the Mustang and caught up with the woman. Luna turned. She seemed not at all surprised to see her.

“Was she any good?” She gestured behind them to the girl Jette had just left behind.

“Well, I was. So we had a good time.”

Luna chuckled. Her laugh was a delicate ripple that floated along Jette’s skin. “I’m sure she’ll be back for more,” she said.

“Maybe, but I won’t be there. I never perform the same trick twice.”

“Cold little bitch, aren’t you?”

“Not in the least. I’m hot. All the time.” Jette’s eyes ran over Luna’s body, lingering on its bold curves and the dip and rise of what she quickly realized was an amazing ass. “Especially when you’re around.”

Luna’s laughter was slightly mocking. “You look good, Bridgette. But you’re not quite as good as you think you are. Don’t try to handle me like one of your girls, because you won’t be able to.”

“I wouldn’t dream of it.” Jette said, though she did. Intensely. After she’d met Luna for the first time, her nights had been filled with visions of the voluptuous woman.

Hot dreams of heavy breasts and excited hips, Luna calling her name, gasping that she’d never had it so good. But even as Luna had moved like a puppet through Jette’s fantasies, the small woman’s dark eyes had glowed feral in the bedroom light, her lips parted over sharp teeth.

Her eyes flickered over Luna’s body again only to encounter a dark, knowing look.
“Know what you’re asking for, Bridgette. Isn’t that what you always tell your little girls? Know that you’ll never be the same afterwards.”

They stopped in the midst of the crowd. People flowed past, barely stopping to acknowledge them on the crowded sidewalk. Everyone was high on the goodwill of a Friday night, no more work for another two days, and possibilities pranced around in high heels and tight shirts. Why worry about something so insignificant as an amorous couple standing in the middle of the crowded sidewalk?

Luna pressed an open palm to Jette’s belly, inciting a riot of tiny butterflies under the skin.

“Think of me the next time you fuck one of your girls. Wonder what it would be like to let someone else drive for a change.” The fingers started to move, stroking the flesh under Jette’s jacket. “The one thing you wouldn’t have to wonder about is how it would feel.”

Nails scraped the suddenly sensitive skin and Jette felt her pussy perk up and begin to salivate. “I would be very good to you.” Luna drew back and began to walk forward again through the crowd. “But let me know what you think about my offer,” she threw over her shoulder.

What offer? Jette wondered, still drowning in the sudden and immediate arousal spiraling under her skin and the river rushing beyond control between her thighs.

“I want you, Bridgette. When you’re ready for me, if you’re ready for me, I’ll come.” And without seeming to, her steps picked up speed until she disappeared altogether.

Jette wasn’t pleased. She tried to follow Luna, but quickly realized that was impossible. She had been dismissed. After a half-hearted attempt to pick up someone else on the strip, she headed back home.


Jette couldn’t concentrate. Luna was the throbbing engine that drove her obsessive visits to the cliffs and to downtown Long Beach, hoping to catch a glimpse of her again. Other women, no matter how tasty, couldn’t take the power of her memory away.

When Jette’s fingers found them wet and wanting, it was Luna’s mocking face she saw. When the women’s mouths touched her throbbing pussy, Jette heard Luna’s low, taunting voice.

Jette almost gave up on finding Luna; but she didn’t have to. Luna found her first. Walking up to the car after an unsatisfying stroll on the strip, Jette nearly jumped out of her skin when a dark head poked from the open window of the Mustang.

“Hey, sugar.” Luna’s sweet jasmine scent touched her face.

[to be continued]

**First published in VA-VA-VOOM: Red Hot Lesbian Erotica. Edited by Astrid Fox, 2005.