i just got a review for the new book. a mixed bag, but overall positive. check it out…

Every Dark Desire, by Fiona Zedde. Kensington Books, 336 pages, $14 paper.

Brutal. Unrelenting. Lusty. Savage. This isn’t a book for the queasy reader. Zedde takes the standard fare of vampirism – sucking blood, superhuman strength, eternal life, shunning the sun – and intensifies it multifold. Naomi is a loving Jamaican mother of an adorable child, until one night she surrenders to dark desire in a jasmine-scented garden. Oops. She’s been bitten by the wrong love bug, and wakes up as Belle, under the compelling sway of Silvija, who for centuries has led her own pack of vampires. For most of the year the women (and some men) dwell in isolation in Alaska,where the sun hardly shines; that’s where Belle learns how to live as an undead, controlling her urge to drain victims dry and indulging in an excess of carnal sensuality. There isn’t a lot of plot to the book, but the intensely horrific imagery carries the story right along to a climactic last battle between the forces of light and the demons of darkness. It’s a “yecch” of a read – and bloody hard to put down.

–Richard Labonte/Boook Marks